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"By placing preventive education at the core of our work, we want to instill in children the confidence to make safer and healthier choices now and in the future."

Life Education Australia

Research shows that education is the best first line of defence. With the help of Healthy Harold and our Life Education educators we build resilience in young people by challenging their values and attitudes, expanding their knowledge and developing their skills. We motivate, encourage and empower them to exercise real choice – and make informed healthy lifestyle decisions.


We see young people as active agents in, rather than passive recipients of, Life Education. We want young people to be able to draw from their own strengths – their capability – in making reasoned, well informed decisions about themselves and their own wellbeing.


Life Education sessions are designed to be age specific and sequential, delivered year on year. Sessions are delivered to preschool, primary and secondary age students. 


More specifically, Life Education programs assist children and young people to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Help children build AWARENESS of topics and issues related to healthy lifestyles and wellbeing (e.g. alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, diet and exercise, cyber safety etc…)

  • Encourage REFLECTION on how these issues affect children

  • Provide children with the information and KNOWLEDGE that they need to understand and respond to issues of concern

  • Help children to identify and develop STRATEGIES to respond to issues and

  • Help children to develop the SKILLS and confidence they need to apply these strategies.

Hunter Life Education has a reputation for innovation, striving for standards of excellence, and developing in children self-esteem, effective communication skills and decision making abilities that will now and in the future enable them to make healthy life choices. The effectiveness of positive health messages is enhanced when the message is reinforced over time, across curriculum and within the home and community. Our vision is to ensure every child in the Hunter has the skills and knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices.


To book Life Education classes for your school or group, please contact Life Education Australia.

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